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Greece is a land of history, legends and myths. From ancient, to literary, to medieval times, Greece has made its impact in the whole world. Come and discover the land of Homer and Jason and the Golden Fleece. Minoan history sits alongside the first road in all of Europe. Ruins are scattered all over the country. Greece is your vacation paradise if you breathe history as your passion.

Are you planning a vacation in Greece? At Caneva Villas, we can provide you with beautiful villas located at Tavronitis near Chania in Crete. Our vacation rentals offer you all the essentials and a lot more to add to the magnificence and ease of the holiday villas. A holiday in Greece can be made extremely relaxing with our fully furnished villas and holiday rentals. The experience we offer will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the varying aspects of mesmerizing land known as Greece.

For a comfy and pleasurable stay, we offer you an array of vacation rentals to realize all your requirements and more!

Greece has an unusual combination of natural and manmade wonders. You can soak up the sun while lying on a sandy beach, since the climate is favorable throughout the year; or you could go and get your shopping bags filled with the various products on offer in the markets, as Chania city is in close proximity to our villas. There is so much to see and do in Greece that at the end of the day you need a homely environment to relax and get rejuvenated for the next day. Our holiday rentals present you with the utmost luxury you craved for!


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